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Matthew Tatone

Teaches in Chicago, IL

From Chicago, Illinois

Plays Bass, Guitar, Ukulele, and Voice


Matt is a voice, guitar, and bass teacher located in the Lakeview area. He grew up in Golden Valley, MN and went on to earn a BA in Vocal performance and Theatre from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. From a young age, Matt was always singing some song for the whole room, striving to be the center of attention, so performing was something he felt destined to do. After earning his degree, Matt enjoyed success performing on professional stages in Minneapolis and in Chicago after making the move. Meanwhile, Matt found life as a waiter and bartender wasn't cutting it, so he decided to pursue teaching full time. Matt joined in February 2022. He has been teaching for the School of Rock for over 5 years and has also developed his own studio, Tatone Total Music. If you're looking for a teacher, you can be sure that Matt is worth considering. He has experience teaching students of any age and any skill level, he has a deep understanding of music theory, style, and genre, and he has the real-world experience to understand what it takes to make it as a professional musician in today's world. He's funny, engaging and radiates positive energy, making him a great teacher for any personality. Besides acting and music, Matt helps his wife, Dorothy, around the house with her dog boarding business. He loves politics, traveling and spending time with his huskies.

“I've worked with Matt for several years now, and couldn't be happier with the progress he's helped me make. As a latecomer to guitar, I feel Matt's been incredibly adaptable to my pace and way of learning, and has been willing and able to pivot to lessons on technique, music theory, or just plain 'learn a song' whenever I need to change things up and get unstuck.”

— Dan

“Matt has been unbelievable!! Our daughter, Amelia (8 years old), has been taking lessons for about a year. Learning basic techniques — notes, song structure, etc. She’s learned about 5 songs. She love’s to play and learn new things. We love matt because he’s always patient, thorough, and encouraging. Always positive!!! We highly recommend Matt!!! As Amelia said “He rocks!!”

— Phil, Amelia’s father