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Daniella Putrino

Teaches in Chicago, IL

From Chicago, Illinois

Plays Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, and Saxophone


Dani Putrino (they/them) is a multi instrumentalist producer from Connecticut. They have gigged across the East Coast, UK, and Midwest since age 14. They have a BA in Music and Music Business from Columbia College Chicago and, while pursuing this degree, had a chance to learn under Nick Tremulis, Cory Henry, and Donny McCaslin. Notable bands they are/ have been in are Serendipity (pop/rock cover), A Million Rich Daughters (alt rock), Little Pluto (lofi), and Aurin & the H.Ex (neo soul). In addition to playing guitar, bass, sax, and keys, they also love to spend time with their dog Cookie and going on medium length walks along the beach.