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Kelly Clinger

Teaches in Nashville, TN

From Spring Hill, Tennessee

Plays Piano, and Voice


Kelly Clinger has been singing since she could make a sound! A former extra on The Mickey Mouse Club, touring background vocalist for Britney Spears, Worship Leader, and session singer, Kelly began teaching and coaching vocalists and musicians 20 years ago. Kelly loves Broadway and Pop music and is passionate about taking every student to the next level & even loves "rekindling" the love of music in some of her more seasoned students. Kelly accepts singing students of all ages & levels. She teaches beginner piano with a focus on teaching students to read music and helping singers learn to accompany themselves. Above everything, Kelly wants to make learning and growing fun and empowering. Her goal has always been to be the vocal coach she wanted that would let her sing Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. So, wherever your love of music lies, let Kelly help develop it and throw a little courage on it!