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Daniel Carrion

Teaches in Phoenix, AZ

From Phoenix, Az

Plays Guitar, and Piano


Daniel Carrion is originally from Tijuana Mexico, where he began his musical studies in classical guitar at the Tijuana cultural center in 2008. In 2010 he continued his studies at the University of Guadalajara in Guadalajara Mexico, and then made his way to Phoenix, AZ to study guitar at the Phoenix College in 2018.

Daniel Carrion has three years of experience teaching guitar and piano to students of all ages, from young children of 6 years old to adults of 60 and over, he thinks it's never too late to learn something new, especially music! He is always willing to help anyone who wants to learn this beautiful art. As an instructor, Daniel is a bit relaxed and fun but always focuses on the goal that students have in mind. He believes that to be a good instrumentalist, discipline and constant practice are essential, but it is also necessary to relax.

Aside from playing music, Daniel enjoys having long and meaningful conversations with friends over a good cup of coffee or a soda.