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Valentina Huang

Teaches in Indianapolis, IN

From Bloomington, Indiana

Plays and Piano


Believing the magic and the joy that music can bring into peoples’ lives, Valentina Qishan Huang is an active performer on and off-campus as a pianist and organist. She was recently featured as one of the winners from the Rome Symphony Young Artist Competition and performed the Piano Concerto No.21 by Mozart with the Rome Symphony Orchestra. She also won the Georgia Music Teacher Association Piano Solo and Concerto Competitions in the past three years. Ignited by the music which has a miraculous influence in a person’s being, Valentina never gets tired of sharing the joy of music with other people, especially through teaching. She likes to witness how a student grows on this music journey. She wants to lift up her students’ interest in learning the piano through an encouraging and enjoyable teaching style. Valentina deeply thinks it important for today’s music teacher to be inclusive and aware of different personalities in students. As a young musician, her biggest mission and desire is to enable people to fall in love with music through her performances or teachings. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at Wesleyan College and a Master of Music in piano performance at Peabody Conservatory, she is now a first-year master student pursuing an organ performance degree with Dr. Janette Fishell.