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Gina Rizk

Teaches in Portland, OR

From Portland, Oregon

Plays Piano, and Voice


Gina Rizk is a long- time Portland resident situated in the Northeast side of the city. At the age of 12, Gina began performing at small venues accompanied by her sister and thus her passion for singing and piano was born! She graduated from Portland State University with her Bachelor’s of Music degree in 2019 with her focus in Vocal Music Education, and then earned her Master’s of Education from the same University in 2020. During her collegiate career she was lucky enough to work with the likes of Broadway design legend Michael Curry, as well as choral director Ethan Sperry and composer Eric Whitacre. In 2020, Gina was featured as a soloist on the Portland State University Chamber Choir’s latest album “Translations”, one of her proudest achievements to date.
Gina began teaching beginner piano and voice lessons in the fall of 2018 and has been enamored with the profession ever since. Her passion is teaching voice of all levels and genres to students 10+, using her deep technical knowledge to help students reach their musical goals while keeping their vocal integrity. Gina enjoys working with beginner piano students ages 5+, but has had success working with adult beginners as well. She has also worked with music students in a classroom environment with the Portland Public School District, where she focused on cultural responsiveness in her teaching practice.
Gina believes that everybody can learn to play or sing, and seeks to convince young people that talent is not an indicator of musical success; it is skill and passion that drives the musical experience.
In her free time, Gina enjoys dancing and spending time with her two cats, Frankie and Marvin!