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Guillermo García Cuesta

Teaches in Texas

From San Marcos, Texas

Plays Bass, Guitar, Piano, and Trumpet


Guillermo García was born and raised Avilés, Spain. This city is known for its metallurgy, and ironically Guillermo was drawn to a brass instrument. Music has taken him to perform in Asia, Africa, South, Central, and North America and all over Europe.

Guillermo's broad orchestral experience includes 3 seasons at The Orchestra Now in New York. Guillermo has been collaborating with professional orchestras since 2010, including Oviedo Philharmonia in Spain or Palm Beach Symphony and Florida Grand Opera in the US.

Guillermo studied his Bachelor's Degree at the Conservatorio of Asturias, in Spain, under Antonio Soriano's guidance, and his Master's Degree at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, with professor Marc Reese from Empire Brass. Guillermo also graduated from the Advanced Performance Studies program at Bard College (New York) under the guidance of Edward Carroll and Carl Albach.

Guillermo is a passionate mountaineer, having climbed many mountains in his homeland, Asturies.