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Mark Schuh

Teaches in Milwaukee, WI

From Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Plays Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele


Mark is a Madison native who spent many years earning his chops in San Francisco and Oakland, California. From his first gigs at The Rathskeller as a UW student, to playshops at High Sierra Music Festival, Mark's performing and teaching have been refined by his continued love of sharing music.

Mark first learned to pick out tunes with his church-piano-playing mom and was led to guitar by a bass playing older brother. He learned classical fingerpicking as a kid and encountered jazz at UW-Madison, studying with the late, great Joan Wildman.

Mark's teaching style combines challenging students while also just having fun. Chord theory is a specialty and he knows hundreds of pop and rock songs. If his student's delight is to geek out on the intricacies of the minor pentatonic scale, then he'll happily indulge. Tell him a song you want to learn and he'll figure out a way for it to work for you.

As a teacher Mark has helped young students learn classical guitar pieces to be accepted into the San Francisco School of the Arts (SOTA). His students have had success as solo artists and as band members.