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Craig Brannon

Teaches in Southern California

From Venice, California

Plays and Violin


Having been a passionate educator and active violinist for over four decades, Dr. Craig Brannon has had the pleasure of working with students of all levels and ages. His teaching method is supportive, patient and constructive, and always tailored to the needs, skill set and learning styles of the individual student. Having grown up learning the violin through the Suzuki method, Craig’s individualized music curriculum encourages developing a good ear as well as proper instrumental techniques with an emphasis on tone production, correct intonation, accurate rhythm and music reading skills. Lessons also include instruction on how students can practice in a focused and efficient manner to effectively self-correct and achieve the best results. Craig is a genuine believer that music lessons are, in many ways, lessons in life, equipping students with practical skills to help foster success in all facets of their lives such as discipline, self-motivation, intellectual curiosity, emotional development and self-confidence. Craig earned a doctorate in Education from UCLA and is a lifelong native of Los Angeles who has always been willing to brave the inevitable traffic in L.A. for the near-perfect weather year around.