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Colin Farnsworth

Teaches in Denver, CO

From Denver, Colorado

Plays Bass, Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele


Colin Farnsworth is a Denver-based artist/composer/producer/audio engineer. After beginning guitar lessons at the age of nine, Colin’s love for sound and music deepened immensely. Colin studied flamenco and jazz guitar with Denver legends Miguel Espinoza and Mitch Chmara. He also studied the Highland bagpipe with Michael Lancaster, and composition techniques and piano with Reggie Berg. Colin continued his music pursuits by attending Berklee College of Music in Boston MA to study jazz guitar, composition and music theory on piano and guitar. He then attended the University of Colorado Denver where he earned a BS in Recording Arts in 2018. 
Colin also has a background working professionally in the Denver area as a performer and freelance composer. He has performed with different acts at many venues in the Denver area, including The Gothic Theatre, Aggie Theatre, Herman’s Hideaway, Larimer Lounge, and more. Currently Colin is working with his indie-rock project, Walking Shadows, of which he is one of two primary songwriters, performers, and producers.