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Stefan Reichardt

Teaches in Portland, OR

From Portland, Oregon

Plays Bass, Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele


Stefan Reichardt is a multi-instrumentalist, teacher, songwriter, and producer from Denver Colorado. Stefan started taking guitar lessons as a young child and has been passionate about music ever since. He went on to receive a Bachelor of Science in Music from the University of Oregon. While at U of O he took a wide variety of music classes and studied with very accomplished professors. Currently he teaches many students of all ages, and does other freelance music work. Stefan writes, records, and performs with his group Funny Voices. In addition he has lent his production, writing, and instrumental skills to artists locally and around the world. Stefan is very passionate about creating fully realized recordings from the bedroom or the recording studio. Stefan thrives on giving people the skills to be self-sufficient artists and showing them what is necessary to accomplish their goals in music. Stefan centers his lessons around the things that you find important, while giving you small steps you can take to reach the next level. When Stefan isn’t making music he enjoys taking care of his cat Ume and taking trips to the coast for outdoor activities.