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Laurence Maddox

Teaches in Texas

From San Antonio, Texas

Plays Guitar, and Violin


Laurence Maddox, a.k.a. Brahmjot Singh, is from San Antonio, Texas,
just outside loop 410 close to Churchill high school.

He has been playing guitar and violin since 1999, when he began taking the free lessons at Hermes Music (now Guitar Center) as well as participating in the afterschool strings program.

He continued his study with various guitar teachers, including Dow Dagget,
and in the orchestra program in junior high (violin lessons include basic and intermediate including first and third positions, double stops, etc.).

Dow Dagget taught a sweep-picking style somewhat reminiscent of Chet Atkins.
Guitar lessons will include photocopies or manual reproductions of Mr. Dagget's notes, most contain both rhythm and melody parts.

Guitar lessons proceed in the same style as Mr. Dagget's: first learning the two guitar parts, then practicing until the song is memorized, with occasional drills/refreshers of past material.

This lesson style was established by Mr. Dagget to help prepare students to be successful at playing this niche genera as a gig (he played at Buck's Landing, now The Worm).

Laurence learned music theory from various teachers at Mars Music (now Sam Ash) but is primarily self-taught with a focus on computational music theory with respect to world music. This approach may benefit certain students who have difficulty with improvisation and composition.

He has approximately 2 years experience teaching beginner guitar, less than a year teaching the music of the song catcher, less than two years teaching intermediate violin, and 10+ years teaching and tutoring STEM subjects... in the case that, e.g., the derivation of Euclidean/Bjorklund rhythms interests the student.

He is experienced teaching adults and teenagers but looks forward to working with any student who has an interest in learning the old standards.

Upon request, an instrument can be provided for the student to use during the lesson(s).

Laurence has a bachelor of science in computer science from UTSA. He forages for berries in the woods with the help of his dog, Nekoda. Brahmjot thodi Punjabi bolda hai. Not experienced with kirtan.