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Sean Danielson

Teaches in Chicago, IL

From Bolingbrook, Illinois

Plays Bass, Cello, Piano, and Saxophone


Sean Danielson is a musician, teacher, composer and music historian based in the Bolingbrook area. He began taking piano and bass lessons at age 7 and by middle school became interested in the craft of composing. It was during his first year in middle school that he was exposed to the music of Thelonious Monk. This not only encouraged him to hone his playing technique, but to also seek out the colors used in Monk's palette of harmony. Thelonious Monk once said "A genius is the one most like himself." This is a message Sean tries to instill in the growth of his students. It's not about comparing your playing to your idols. It's about finding your own path and having fun along the way!

Sean believes in getting to know his students and adapting lessons according to their unique learning styles and goals. This helps tailor each lesson to fit every individual's own needs.