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Fruzsina Ladanyi

Teaches in Southern California

From Riverside, California

Plays and Piano


Fruzsina Ladanyi is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Music Education at California Baptist University.

She grew up in Veszprém, Hungary, where she started playing the piano at age 7. In 2010 she began her studies at Csermák Antal Music School in Veszprém. She attended Dohnányi Ernő Music Conservatory, Veszprém from 2014 to 2016.

In 2016 she moved to Riverside, California, where she started her studies at California Baptist University. While earning her degree, she worked as a piano tutor at the university. She received her BM in Music Composition in the Spring of 2020.
She started teaching piano lessons in the Summer of 2021 for beginner and early intermediate students of all ages.

Fruzsina enables her students to express themselves and allows time to explore music together. She aims to tailor her lessons to the student's individual needs and interests to help them to achieve their goals. She considers her student’s age, learning style, and special needs while teaching. She utilizes visual, aural, and kinesthetic approaches to develop skills and reinforce concepts. She considers music theory, ear training, music reading, and creative music-making just as essential as learning repertoire, therefore she strives to incorporate them into her lessons.
It is her desire to help students develop their life skills and to become open-minded, sensitive, candid individuals.