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Dennis Arkesteyn

Teaches in Chicago, IL

From Chicago, Illinois

Plays and Guitar


Dennis is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he began his musical journey at the young age of eight when he picked up his first guitar. For several years, he received lessons from local legend, Ryan Cain, who helped him build a foundation of theory and technique. Throughout his formative years, he became well known in the Grand Rapids music scene as he began to find his own style as a guitarist, where he played in several successful rock bands. Dennis currently resides in Chicago, where he writes and plays guitar for the talented instrumental group Casserole. With Casserole, you can hear his unique, intricate, and passionate guitar playing. His musical taste is quite eclectic; ranging from hard rock, to jazz/funk, to pop and folk music. He currently teaches beginner/intermediate guitar players, with his main goal as an instructor is to make music fun, and help students find their own unique voice through interval training, and melody creation. Besides playing music, Dennis enjoys healthy living/exercise, traveling, and reading.