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Tanvir Bajwa

Teaches in Southern California

From Fontana, California

Plays Bass, Drums, Guitar, and Piano


Tanvir Singh Bajwa is a professional musician who has worked with Amy Winehouse’s producer, from Dap Tone records, with the band Los Glifos. He is currently studying music at RCC with an emphasis on Jazz Guitar and Performance. After he obtains his A.A he will pursue a B.A. in Music Therapy. While working on his degree he is also teaching music with a few studios. Although Tanvir’s main instrument is guitar, he also teaches piano, bass, and drums. He is classically trained on guitar and has taken piano proficiency courses. His students on Piano can play Bach Preludes and Beethoven sonatas starting at 8. He has led group bands teaching all the parts of a band to his students including the drums. They would perform popular rock and pop songs on stage.