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Amanda Davis

Teaches in Portland, OR

From Portland, Oregon

Plays and Piano


Over the past decade, Amanda Davis, a San Jose, California native, has been providing music and private piano training for diverse communities across the Pacific Northwest and California coast regions. Much of her experience is working one-on-one with students in PK - 8th grades, however Amanda's lessons is a versatile service for all ages.

Amanda is fully devoted to the careful crafting of music lessons with a high degree of patience, precision, care, excellence and patience. Since training at the piano from age 4, she has grown to appreciate how much piano instruction impacts the overall quality of a student’s at-home, independent practice.

Amanda focuses on teaching piano with simple guidance practices (such as the principle of slowing down motion and how to speed up while learning to perform music). Her years of experience in providing piano instruction has provided her the high skill of identifying music needs of students from every background. Amanda strives to motivate all students to build up skills with continuous practice and endurance. Amanda embraces a mindfulness approach to lessons, using techniques that are proven to ensure the success of piano playing within groups or solo recital settings.

Amanda seeks to empower the individual with a remarkable focus at the piano by engaging students with enthusiasm while presenting music material.
Her diverse knowledgeability of music combined with work experience as a youth development coach provides a unique prosocial, enriching music study environment by providing structured lessons that include: music history, sight reading, music notation/theory, ear training, music creation, audio production, composition and music analysis, and…well, live performance practice.

Amanda also incorporates valuable, candid insights and wisdom passed down from the great music teachers of all time, as well as talented musicians she had the privilege to learn from throughout her music training. Lessons also provide a safe, humorous, intellectual space to discuss serious music theory.

Amanda's learning objectives aim towards enhancing young people’s strengths by instilling music principles with a life skill-building focus, such as promoting self-resiliency, which will later then help build competency in many other areas of life; greatly meeting a need that our youth needs now, more than ever in education.

Amanda designs a personalized training program that is tailored specifically to your learning needs.

By walking step-by-step through through drills, exercises and individual practice performance pieces assigned each week, by using Amanda's service, you are guaranteed to increase skills and learn to master the piano properly in no time.

Amanda provides efficient in-home training, coaching and guidance that literally meets you where you are. You will learn how to build an execution strategy, to carrying out proper technique through an interesting variety of colorful, engaging piano pieces ranging from many different eras of classical music, American jazz and many other genres. By using a set of diverse repertoire, Amanda seeks to raise awareness and natural appreciation for the different kinds of ways music is can be organized, how it can be played, its role and the many aspects it takes form in our lives.

Included in Amanda's instruction are basic recording and technology lessons that will help build skills in music technologies and creative arts software. Should you wish to create music of your own, Amanda will guide and assist you through the artistic, creative process of composing your own original work of music and help launch them on different platforms to be discovered and heard.

Amanda has worked with children who live with learning disabilities such as autism, Aspergers and ADHD. She has also had the opportunity to help teach the blind learn how to execute piano techniques with finesse, joy and ease.

Amanda strongly desires the success for every music student and will ensure your growth in understanding how music works in a quality learning environment that will help support you achieve your music goals by teaching with knowledge, warmth, encouragement and dedicated support.