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Matt Ballard

Teaches in Texas

From Spring, Texas

Plays Bass, and Guitar


Matt has been playing guitar for 25 years. He got his first guitar at age 14, his Dad bought him a $125 Fender squire, red. He quickly started a band with grade school friends and his Dad let them all over so he could record them, and in the process teach studio gear and setup. In his early years of playing, Matt would listen to the radio and figure out songs by ear with his buddies. Sometimes they were right, mostly wrong, but when Matt discovered tablature things got easier. Matt learned how to play happy birthday from his Dad, the Beatles version, also he learned Smoke on the Water. But Matt wanted more than that, so he looked towards heavy metal bands like Metallica, Megadeth, The Misfits amongst others, and this is where he took on techniques that would solidify Matt as a popular guitarist in Houston TX. As an adult he would find himself playing all over Houston, live and most notably on the House Of Blues mainstage on multiple occasions. In 2011 Matt graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in Liberal Arts focusing on English Literature and Music. During his time at University, Matt primarily focused on honing his Classical guitar playing skills. Moonlight Sonata and Paganini's 5th caprice are two classical pieces that Matt enjoys playing. Transposing songs to the guitar from other instruments is one of his hobbies.

In conclusion, Matt has a willingness to continuously improve his craft, and a desire to show other's the fastest way possible to holding chords and learning melodic scales. Matt can build a guitar player from the ground up, by focusing on shapes and small bits of music theory, his style of teaching caters to all levels of expertise.