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Justin Zych

Teaches in Texas

From Live Oak, Texas

Plays Bass, Drums, Guitar, and Piano


Justin Zych is a musician specializing in guitar, bass, and piano. He earned his bachelors degree in music performance from IPFW. He is an experienced international touring musician and guitar technician, who as worked with world renowned bands such as Zephaniah (IN), Viking (CA), THEM (NY/GER), Munroe's Thunder (USA/UK) and many others.

His technical prowess and heartfelt melodies define his style and inspire young and old musicians. He has played guitar/bass/piano for 20+ years and continues to excel at his craft by introducing new techniques and musical concepts to his playing.

He is a composer of music and has created several compositions for musical groups, commercials and film scores. He has created over 900 arrangements/transcriptions for clients over the last five years and continues to on a regular basis. Some are as simple and short as a 30 second piano piece and some are as complex and intense as a ten minute orchestral piece. His compositions reflect a mixture of romantic period composition mixed with the complex structures of 20th century composition and jazz. Add a heavy metal element to that and you get a diverse and extreme full sound.