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Chloé Serkissian

Teaches in Portland, OR

From Portland, Oregon

Plays Guitar, and Piano


Based in Portland, OR, Chloé Serkissian is excited to bring enthusiasm, curiosity and compassion to her beginning Guitar and Piano students. Born and raised in sunny Sonoma County, California, Chloé began her education in music while attending Summerfield Waldorf School. With a heavy emphasis on music and art in the curriculum, Chloé played many instruments in different ensembles throughout the years, such as the recorder, the violin, the viola, the saxophone and the piano. However, at 11 years old she found her true love when she picked up her first guitar. The joy of accompanying herself as she began writing her own songs and stories fueled her love of musical expression, and has remained the back bone of her creative journey these past 15 years.
Currently, Chloé is an active and enthusiastic songwriter and performer in the Portland music scene, more specifically, as the band leader of The Apricots. Inspired by a wide array of artists, from James Taylor, Madison Cunningham, Parcels, Jim Croce, Leanna La Havas (to name some) Chloé brings adaptability and musical curiosity to her lessons. Her philosophy is that every human being has a different relationship to music, a different ear, a different taste, and honing in and exploring those unique perspectives is what makes for a long-lasting and loving relationship between a student and their instrument. Chloé is excited to bring some female representation into the world of guitar teaching and help support the next generation of budding musicians.