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Austin Hogan

Teaches in Twin Cities, MN

From White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Plays Bass, and Guitar


Austin is a music instructor based in the Twin Cities. He has over three years combined experience teaching a variety of subjects including early literacy, chess, and guitar and bass.

Austin started his musical journey over 10 years ago, beginning with formal lessons at Evan's Music in White Bear Lake, MN, before progressing as a self-taught instrumentalist (with a little help from his dad, a professional guitarist!). Austin is versed in many styles of music (including classical, classic rock, country, punk, etc.), has a deep understanding of the workings of his preferred instruments, as well as a strong grasp of music theory concepts. He has played in numerous bands over the years, as well as worked on several solo projects. Currently, his focus is on his underground indie punk band S.D., in which he is the lead guitarist and singer. They're in the midst of the process of recording their first EP, with their debut gig coming in September!

Austin has instructed students of all ages and levels of ability, from players ranging from beginners to advanced. His predominant age group has generally been elementary through middle school, but is very much open to teaching students of any age range!

Austin's pedagogical approach is very student-centric. He starts by getting to know the student as an individual -- what do they like to do for fun, what kinds of styles of music they are interested in, and what they hope to gain from their lessons. From there, Austin tailors his lesson plans according to his students' passions, while at the same time integrating fundamental music concepts that will serve students in any direction they choose to go in. His ultimate goal with any student is to share the sheer joy of music!

Besides being a musician, Austin is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hiking, camping, and traveling to new places. He has an enduring love of reading and writing, including poetry, science fiction, non-fiction, and even the occasional graphic novel! Currently he is working his way through Dune by Frank Herbert :)