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John Shick

Teaches in Chicago, IL

From Romeoville, Illinois

Plays and Guitar


John has played guitar now for 20+ years; his students have been both young and old; one of his best, a daughter of a friend, was accepted at the School of Rock in Arlington Heights and shortly became first rhythm guitar player.

Along with teaching, John has also been the lead singer and rhythm player for his own Rockabilly / punk / rock band Wild Card Rumble for the last 5 years. They play at various car shows, Brauerhouse in Lombard, Des Plaines, World of Wheels in Rosemont, etc.

John really enjoys playing, but enjoys teaching as well; he's been told that he is very patient -- once you get an eight year old to learn his barre chords, and he/she doesn’t hear that buzz, it’s a pretty amazing thing; not to mention it eliminates all forms of frustration, and the student actually wants to continue to learn the instrument.