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Carlos Guevara

Teaches in Texas

From San Antonio, Texas

Plays and Guitar


Born in El Salvador, Carlos Guevara's interest in guitar started at the age of eight years old when one day he was playing soccer in the street with his friend he heard the sound of a guitar and immediately went on to see the source of this sound. It was then that he wanted to learn the instrument.

He started high school in the spring of 2011and it was during that year that he discovered the classical guitar. He fell in love with the sound and wanted to learn more. he was able to play for UIL competitions and held the record of having the most gold medals in his high school for a few years.

In summer of 2016 he got accepted to study at UTSA. Ever since 2016 he had many challenges but found new opportunities and now, he is part of the musician in residence program at the Franklin Park Communities which was the first company to adopt the program in Texas. He holds a bachelor's degree in music performance, and he is currently working on his master's degree at The University of Texas at San Antonio.