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Arthur Stanley

Teaches in Southern California

From Murrieta, California

Plays Guitar, and Piano


Arthur Stanley has travelled around the world as a musician but is currently located in Murrieta, California. Arthur started piano at the age of 10 and has studied through the college level. His love of music led him to become his own artist gaining over 1,000,000 streams. He currently works as a professional musician, music teacher, studio engineer and local producer within the inland empire. Arthur has worked for uptown records in Hong Kong, along with multiple music libraries in Singapore and Germany. His studies in jazz composition from the University of Rhode Island were integral in his success as a composer. Arthur has been teaching piano and music production for 4 years. He has taught all ages and wants to inspire students to love music as much as he does. He tailors his lessons to what his student wants to learn and brings the best out of them. Arthur is devoted to his music and his students. He is dedicated full time to teaching, creating and producing music.