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Jacob Osborn

Teaches in Grand Rapids, MI

From Grand Rapids, Michigan

Plays Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele


Jacob Osborn was raised in the small town of Jackson, Michigan where his grandmother taught him his scales on an old, upright piano very early in life. Jacob has competed in numerous music competitions including the National Music Federation and Solo/Ensemble where he received perfect scores for his performances on piano. After high school Jacob took up the guitar and immediately fell in love with the instrument. More recently, Jacob has since studied music and obtained a 2-year Associates of Applied Science in Professional Music from Portland Community College in the Pacific Northwest. Jacob was an apprentice under some local club musicians David Roehl, Dan Pettis, Sarah Ghaskins where he learned the ins and the outs of the recording industry, copyright law, skills in songwriting and much, much more. In addition to playing piano and guitar Jacob has had rhythm training experience, played percussion all throughout middle school and high school bands, Jacob can teach drums, ukulele, and the bass guitar as well. Currently, Jacob lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his fiancé and his two rabbits, June and Gus. Jacob believes that everyone should learn an instrument and strives to make learning fun and rewarding!