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Ci Ci Lee

Teaches in Southern California

From Temecula, California

Plays and Piano


Ci Ci Lee was born and raised in Hong Kong. She started having profession piano lesson in a private music school at age ten. She passed all her piano examination from The Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music. She started teaching piano in music school after passing her Grade 5 Pianoforte and Theory of Music in 1990. In 1993, Ci Ci got her Grade 6 Piano and continued her education in USA. Since then She never stopped serve as pianist in Church and taught piano as private lesson for students from age 3 to 40. Ci Ci also took violin class and piano classes from Pierce College. In 1998, she was employed as a teacher in the Chinese School of San Diego while she was studying at University of California, San Diego. In 2000, she earned her Bachelor Degree in Theatre Art at UCSD. Her musical and artist talent was acknowledged by the biggest Asian broadcasting Company in Hong Kong and worked
there for two years as a scenic designer. After relocating back to US in 2004, Ci Ci continued her teaching career in both Chinese language as employee and piano as self-employed. In 2009, she obtained her Master’s Degree in interior Design at SDSU. Ci Ci continued enriching her teaching experience being a Teaching Assistance in SDSU. Living in Temecula, she held her private Fine Art classes for high school students. She also trained and currently holding a position as a Behavior Technician in an Autism Center. Her teaching style is a combination of classical practice to build
foundational skill and being innovative to motivate student’s passion for music. She believed it is the teacher responsibility to provide all music knowledge. This includes posture, techniques, history, terminology, theory, and appreciation to build composing creativity. Learning can be done consciously and subconsciously. She believes that students will continue to sponge up information in a consistent fashion, absorbing and expanding in capacity as long as learning material is presented in a relax and positive environment.