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Jessy Stuebs

Teaches in Denver, CO

From Lone Tree, Colorado

Plays Bass, and Guitar


Jessy is a professional musician and lifetime resident of Colorado, originally from Colorado Springs. As a child, he was exposed to a wide variety of music from folk, to country, to metal and everything in between. Falling in love with it all, his journey on guitar started.

Jessy began to take the stage at age 16, performing guitar and bass for various cover bands and original bands all throughout the Midwest. His gigging career has provided him with extensive knowledge of many genres of music, along with practical knowledge of many roles in both performance and education. Jessy has performed in honors Jazz band at university, and multiple award winning rock and metal acts throughout his nearly 15 year performing career.

While gigging, recording and attending school, Jessy began to craft a form of teaching focusing on what the student wants to learn. Everything from fundamental chords and scales, to advanced music theory can be integrated into songs and styles the student enjoys, assuring a desire to practice and learn while having fun and developing a deep love of all things music.