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Eric Rodriguez

Teaches in Phoenix, AZ

From San Tan Valley, Arizona

Plays and Guitar


Eric is an enthusiastic guitar instructor with an emphasis on having fun with your instrument and allowing it to become a powerful creative voice for your personal expression. Instructing beginning guitarists, with the introduction to playing in the styles of rock, and blues with in person lesson examples - including basic music theory, chord charts, strum patterns, major/minor scales, jam tracks, and daily practice routines.
A firm believer that a "one-size-fits-all" approach to guitar lessons does not work. Guitar lessons should be tailored to the individual. All students are different and approach the fretboard in their own way in the beginning stages of learning guitar, Some only wanting to learn their favorite songs. Eric's students have access to solid material in order to provide them with the basic fundamentals for playing the guitar confidently.

“We will be covering about 3-4 different things in each lesson: some theory, a song, some new chords, a scale fingering, rhythm exercises, etc., depending on where are you are at and what your playing needs the most. Each topic covered will take about 10 to 15 minutes of lesson time, which has as a result that lessons will be fast-paced, well organized and structured, and fun.