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John Banks

Teaches in Phoenix, AZ

From Tempe, Arizona

Plays Guitar, and Ukulele


John Banks, a native Phoenician, has been actively pursuing music since grade school. His formal training began in elementary band (Cello, Baritone and Trumpet) before beginning classical guitar studies in high school. He became completely enamored with the instrument and continued his classical studies into college, where he also began studying Jazz. He has been intermittently teaching private lessons since the late 80's and given the range of his musical studies, tailors his lessons to each student's wants and needs. John has been actively performing in local and regional rock acts (The Corrugation, Flux, Arms of the Sun, Daughters of Fission, EL) since 1991. During this time, he has written, recorded and released thirteen albums and played hundreds of venues in the Southwest. When not playing music, John adores spending time with his daughters.