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Beatrice Peters

Teaches in Twin Cities, MN

From Woodbury, Minnesota

Plays Cello, Piano, Violin, and Guitar


A native of the Twin Cities, Beatrice Peters is a composer and artist with a classical performance background in string repertoire. She got her start as a violinist and picked up cello before becoming active playing in Minnesota Youth Symphonies. As a self taught contrabassist, pianist, and guitarist she is passionate about stringed instruments and propelled herself into composing for them. Beatrice was mentored by composer Edie Hill for the Schubert Club's composer mentorship program, during which she wrote pieces for performance by Copper Street Brass and Lux String Quartet. Her musical approach is rooted in a body-first practice, the focus of which is bringing the physical and the auditory sensations of playing into unity. Utilizing improvisation in her practice, Beatrice finds meditative musical expression to be one of the greatest tools in connecting with our instruments and their harmonic capabilities. She lives in St. Paul with her parents, sibling and dog, Atticus, and is pursuing a BA in Music and Art from the University of Minnesota while ever expanding her instrumental abilities.