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Timothy McNamara

Teaches in Chicago, IL

From Highland, Indiana

Plays Clarinet, Flute, Piano, and Saxophone


Chicago area musician, and current Highland, IN. resident, Timothy McNamara plays and teaches piano, saxophone, clarinet and flute.

He started studying music on piano at age 8 and euphonium at 9, moving to saxophone in HS. He placed at a high level in a piano competition at the American Conservatory of Music in 1978. He studied engineering at UIUC, ultimately finishing w Bachelor in Music from DePaul Univ in 1996. While at DePaul he studied saxophone improv with Peter Ballin and classical saxophone with Scott Plugge, reading and Big band with Dr Robert Lark, additionally working on flute with Amy Hartmann and Greg Blackburn(NW IN Symphony in Munster) and on clarinet with both Wagner Campos and Julie De Roach. Adjunct faculty member of various Chicago-area schools.

Lessons with Tim are extremely fun and will get you or your child playing better immediately. He is able to explain difficult topics in an easy to understand and succinctly. Your knowledge of your instrument, music, rhythm and reading will open up immediately. Currently, he is an Adjunct Music Faculty member at Oakton Community college in Des Plaines, IL. Previously, he taught lessons at Columbia College, private and group lessons on all band instruments and MS and HS Jazz Ensembles at FW Parker School (Chicago) and Woodwind lessons at The Latin School of Chicago. He also led at the Old Town School of Music - their Big Band and Traditional jazz ensemble.