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Alicia Graham

Teaches in Texas

From San Antonio, Texas

Plays and Voice


Alicia Graham was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, where she trained to be a vocalist from her early teenage years. Alicia is currently a singer in the song service of her church and has been the choir director for the last 3 years. She attended the University of the Incarnate Word and studied under Dr. Blythe Cates and Dr. Orit Eylon over the span of 4 years. In May 2022, Alicia recieved her Bachelors of Music with a concentration in vocal performance. She has worked with the San Antonio Chamber Choir, Incarnate Word Chorale and Incarnate Word Chamber Chorale. She has been teaching voice for 2 years to members of her choir and church. Her teaching philosophy as a music educator is to pass on a love for music beyond simply listening to it. She wishes to give her students another way to interpret the world through music, even if they do not become professional musicians. Alicia enjoys giving back to the community while living in San Antonio with her husband, Jacob, and their mischievous cat, Polaris.