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Sam Brancaccio

Teaches in Texas

From Austin, Texas

Plays Bass, and Guitar


Sam Brancaccio grew up in Austin, TX. He spent his teenage years playing shows with his band at the time, Petriphoria. He started playing guitar at age 11 and was primarily self taught for many years of his growth as a musician. In 2017 Sam relocated to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Guitar Performance at California Institute of the Arts. Upon completing his bachelor’s in 2022 he moved back to Austin to gig, produce music, and teach! Since graduating in May he quickly developed a comprehensive teaching method that not only draws from his expertise in music theory, guitar technique, and songwriting but also effectively helps his students feel valued in their musical journey. His philosophy is to make music accessible and fun for all ages! Additionally, Sam has enjoyed volunteering at local animal shelters in Austin. He also is fascinated by the sciences!