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Cody Myre

Teaches in Texas

From Converse, Texas

Plays Piano, and Saxophone


Born in Gaylord, Michigan in 1997, Cody Myre (ASCAP) is a composer of large ensemble, chamber, and vocal music. His work focuses on evoking images in the form of short narratives. Cody takes inspiration from countless styles of music, from abstract hip-hop to Appalachian folk music, to create humorous, often oxymoronic stories. Whether they be physical places, abstract concepts, unknown creatures, or something completely surreal, his music eschews traditional subject matter to inspire the listener to think about and listen to the world around them. His pieces have been performed at numerous festivals, sessions, and concerts around the world, including new music festivals in Washington, New York, and Italy.

Cody spends much of his time editing scores and making parts as chief editor for T.U.X. People’s Music Publishing. As a proud alumnus of the Gamma Theta chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity, Cody is committed to the advancement of music in America.

Cody completed his undergraduate studies in music composition at the University of North Texas, where he studied under composers Andrew May, Kirsten Broberg, Louise Fristensky, and Michael Smith, saxophone under Scott Campbell and Bowen Feng, and piano under Kevin Pyle. His goal is to continue to study the art of music engraving and publication during his postgraduate studies. Currently, he resides in Saint Hedwig, Texas with his wife, son, and two cats.