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EmJae Ross

Teaches in Texas

From Cedar Creek, Texas

Plays and Voice


EmJae is a classically trained vocalist and multi-instrumentalist originating from Central West Texas in a town called San Angelo. He attended Angelo State University and studied under Dr. Pamela Lee, and Dr. Scott Raines in the vocal performance program.

EmJae was awarded during his high school years as distinguished and chaired highly through UIL and TMEA competitions. He was also awarded as distinguished and chaired highly in the NATS competitions during his undergrad.

Today, EmJae is a distinguished songwriter and vocalist in both the Austin and Nashville music scenes, and his main focus these days is writing into the CCM market, as well as the Contemporary and Alternative Worship genre. He is a recognized Worship Leader in and throughout the city of Austin and nationally.

EmJaeā€™s heart is to teach proper voice use through classical vocal performance technique, as well as stage presence and performance, and songwriting.