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Kevin Fox

Teaches in Portland, OR

From Portland, Oregon

Plays Bass, Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele


Kevin Fox comes from Kingston, Washington, a small town across the Puget Sound from Seattle, where he began playing guitar and piano at a young age. Kevin is active in the Portland music scene, where he utilizes his multi-instrumentalism to produce, write, and perform music with local musicians in styles ranging from pop to hip-hop to rock. Graduating from Lewis and Clark College with a BA in Music Composition, Kevin was a teaching assistant during his studies and worked with all levels of music students. He believes in order to create an enduring and positive relationship with music, learning needs to be fun and engaging. Apart from guitar and piano, Kevin also teaches bass guitar, music production and music theory. Kevin lives in Portland, OR with his partner, Nicole, and their two rambunctious cats, Simon and Cheese.