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Loren Davis-Stroud

Teaches in Las Vegas, NV

From Las Vegas, Nevada

Plays and Voice


Loren D’s musical roots started in the Pentecostal churches of Chicago. At a young age, she became a soloist, gospel/classical choir competitor, and a lead performer in musicals. She toured America and Europe as a classical ensemble member, sang backup for Pop/R&B artists, and received awards from the Illinois Music Association, NAACP, and other esteemed organizations in the fields of classical/contemporary voice, writing, and other disciplines. In 2009, Loren D received her B.S. in Music Recording Technology (Voice) from Hampton University. In Virginia, she performed original music/poetry, acted in musicals, controlled live sound for events, and arranged music for local plays. Returning to Chicago, she became the head sound engineer for On Point Studios and Soul Strong Entertainment, mixing records for GRAMMY Award-winning hip hop and R&B acts.

In 2012, she left for St. Louis to co-create Verse-Utility Media Group. She flourished as an artist, producer, and engineer, alongside her music collective, FarFetched/VMG. She created an Ableton and Moog sponsored curriculum to provide free music technology education to girls of color. She also became an instructor at rapper Nelly's music technology and business college, ex'treme Institute, teaching Recording, Pro Tools, and Voice. In 2017, Loren D moved to Beaufort, SC, where she co-created a community arts center, whose focus was visual and performing arts in collaboration with indigenous and diasporic artists. She moved to Las Vegas in 2019, and is currently creating, performing, and teaching music recording, production, song-writing, and voice.