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Steph Maa

Teaches in Twin Cities, MN

From Minneapolis, Minnesota

Plays Piano, and Voice


Steph Maa was born in Zahle, Lebanon, where they discovered their love of music at an early age. It was after realizing the healing power in the vibration of voice that they devoted their life to both music and healing. Maa learned to play by ear, not learning to read music until much later in life. They did not need notes to speak their first language-- music. They created songs without ever writing down a single note. While they are a dynamic artist, playing multiple instruments and expressing their creativity through production, their home is piano and voice. After training classically in piano, something was still missing for Maa. The complex songs in their head couldn't be replicated with a single instrument. The desire to share the entirety of how they heard songs led them to IPR, where they studied sound engineering and furthered their production skills. Maa has been a lyricist their entire life, and discovered in their late twenties that their knack for lyrics also made them a poet, which they also pursue in the interest of sharing a healing message. Maa values life-long learning, which includes not only continuing their own education, but sharing their knowledge with others as a teacher. Maa teaches a new age of learner into becoming composers not only learning an instrument but understanding it completely.