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John Glines

Teaches in Chicago, IL

From Park Ridge, Illinois

Plays Bass, Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele


A Chicagoan from birth, John Glines has been playing music since childhood. Having played jazz, classical, and rock music, John has a diverse musical background suited to many interests. John has studied under the likes of Anne Waller, Mark Maxwell, and Neal Alger and has performed in masterclasses with Oscar Ghiglia, Eliot Fisk, and Sharon Isbin. Currently lead guitarist of Thamatic, John also plays at Irish sessions across Chicagoland. Beyond guitar, John also teaches bass, ukulele, and beginning piano. He holds a B.M./B.A. in Music Performance/Cognitive Science from Northwestern, as well as an M.Sc. in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul. Having taught music since high school, and studied it for over a decade longer, John is comfortable teaching all genres and ages, from punk to jazz, and 4 to 400!