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Kenneth Zierman

Teaches in Twin Cities, MN

From Minneapolis, Minnesota

Plays Bass, Guitar, and Piano


Kenneth Zierman is a Northeast Minneapolis music fanatic that hails from the wintery clutches of Duluth, MN. In 2016, he moved to the Twin Cities to attend college. Kenneth graduated from North Central University in 2018 - with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production - and has since been working as the tech director for Plymouth Covenant Church. Additionally, he is the lead guitarist, lead vocalist, composer, and manager of local band White Line Darko; he is also the assistant engineer at local recording studio, The Library Studio. His instrument of choice is the guitar; Kenneth is also proficient in piano, bass guitar, and synthesis. Primarily self-taught, he also has some background in piano lessons from Hamline Academy in Duluth, and guitar lessons from an instructor at NCU. Kenneth has been teaching music for the last two years, and is capable and willing of teaching any and all ages. He prefers a more focused, relaxed environment while administering lessons. In addition to music, Kenneth also finds enjoyment in gardening and spending time with those he cares about.