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Amber Waldron

Teaches in Denver, CO

From Lakewood, Colorado

Plays Bass, Guitar, Piano, and Voice


Amber Waldron, born and raised in Utah, is a multi-dimensional musician with a passion for learning. She has 24 years of experience playing classical piano, starting at the age of five. In addition to piano, she has expanded her instrument repertoire with guitar, bass, and vocals. As an experienced musician, she has toured the US for multiple seasons, as well as recorded several albums. She studied piano performance as well as music and technology at Salt Lake Community College. Continuing her education, she relocated to Los Angeles to study electronic music production, graduating from both Dubspot and Icon Collective. When she’s not teaching, she is a full-time music producer for music libraries. Amber strives to provide a personalized learning experience that takes into account both the goals and desires of the student.