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Louise Wai-Leung

Teaches in Phoenix, AZ

From Gilbert, Arizona

Plays Piano, and Voice


Ms. Louise has been teaching music for more than 15 years. She is full of experience, patience and kindness. Her teaching style is unique, creative and flexible.

She is able to teach different styles of music from classical to animate pieces. Although she loves playing music by ear, she ensures her students learn how to read music and learn music theory. Ms. Louise is a composer and is always writing song arrangements for churches and for her students to perform during recitals. She enjoys teaching children and adults of all kinds, virtual and in person.

Ms. Louise is also a teacher in public schools. She loves teaching Music, Mandarin and Math. Besides teaching her private students after school hours, she enjoys teaching a singing group for elderly via zoom every weekend. She is a member of the ASU Choral Union and performs occasionally.